The doctors at All-Pets Hospital do a dental exam as part of every comprehensive physical exam.


Our doctors do a dental exam as part of every physical exam. They carefully examine your pets teeth and gums to determine if a dental cleaning, brushing or dental chews are recommended. Just like in people, pet dental health is very important. If left untreated, periodontal disease will not only lead to tooth loss, oral pain and bad breath, but is directly linked to liver, heart, and kidney disease. Pets with good dental health live much longer, healthier lives.

Dental cleaning in pets is usually done on an out-patient basis which means you drop your pet off in the morning and pick them up that same afternoon. To provide the most thorough cleaning, the pet will undergo general anesthesia. Each tooth is individually evaluated, scaled and polished using hand and ultrasonic scaling methods. When necessary, infected or broken teeth are surgically extracted and the patient is treated medically with pain relievers and antibiotics.

We would like to help you keep your pet's teeth clean & bright and reduce mouth odors & infection. Call for more details or an estimate!


If at a regular examination the doctor recommends a dental for your pet, you have the opportunity to have that procedure performed within the 30 following days to receive 20% OFF of the total cost of dental related charges that day.