All-Pets Hospital is a full service veterinary clinic that offers a wide range of services to keep pets happy and healthy. 


Internal Medicine

At All-Pets Hospital, we treat the many routine medical conditions that can impact your pets health and well-being. From simple stomach upset to complicated illness, we strive to quickly diagnose and treat your pet’s specific condition while causing minimal stress to you and your pet. 

Veterinary Dermatology

Itchy cat? Smelly dog? Flaky guinea pig? Many times those issues are related to a problem with your pet's skin. Some type of skin disease will affect nearly every pet at some point in their life. For many pets, the problems may be chronic and recurring, leaving Fido or Tabby miserable.

Surgery & Pain Management

All-Pets Hospital has an up-to-date surgical suite available for our patients. Patients are continually monitored during surgery with high tech equipment such as a pulse oximeter and a doppler blood pressure monitor. Most importantly, our highly trained staff watch patients closely before, during, and after surgical procedures.


Reproduction Service

Dr Berge’s specific interest in canine reproduction derives from many years of involvement with AKC Bernese Mt Dogs. Dr. Berge has bred 7 litters of Berners over the years. Having an experienced breeder as a veterinarian is helpful for managing canine reproductive issues. Services we provide include artificial insemination & breeding.



All-Pets Hospital offers a full service boarding facility with individual kennels, indoor climate controlled runs, and a completely fenced outdoor play area. Dogs are always supervised in the outdoor play area. Limited daycare may be available for selected boarding dogs.



What is Radiology? Xrays are a more common term! Xrays have been a helpful diagnostic tool in both human and veterinary medicine for a hundred years. All-Pets Hospital has a state of the art, Sound digital radiology system available at our Second Ave. office.

Berner Groom.jpg


Our groomer, Valerie, prides herself in her work and ensures that all pets she works with are comfortable, healthy, and looking good. Whether your pet is a giant fluffy Bernese Mountain Dog, a Shih Tzu, or a show quality Standard Poodle, she won’t send an animal home looking anything other than perfect.


Our doctors do a dental exam as part of every complete physical exam. They carefully examine your pets teeth and gums to determine if a dental cleaning, brushing or dental chews are recommended. Just like in people, pet dental health is very important. If left untreated, tooth loss, oral pain and general ill health ensue.

Care for All Pets!

All-Pets Hospital stays true to it’s name by offering medical and surgical care to a number of species. We see rabbits, lizards, snakes, rodents, birds, and hedgehogs. Careful management of these species is usually the key to good health. We often formulate flavored medications to treat parasites and infection in our smaller patients.