internal medicine

At All-Pets Hospital, we treat the many medical conditions that can impact your pets health and well-being. From simple stomach upset to complicated illness, we strive to quickly diagnose and treat your pet’s specific condition while causing minimal stress. We believe in diagnostics to fully evaluate your pet's problem and multi-modal pain management when your pet is ill. We utilize our in-house laboratory and Sound digital radiology in conjunction with outside resources such as IDEXX diagnostics and Iowa State University’s pathology department. We see medical cases at either office, with capability for hospitalization at our Second Avenue office. 



Itchy cat? Smelly dog? Flaky guinea pig?

Many times those issues are related to a problem with your pets skin. Some type of skin disease will affect nearly every pet at some point in their life. For many pets, the problems may be chronic and recurring, leaving Fido or Tabby miserable.

Allergies, mites and fleas are common causes for skin problems. Figuring out which is causing your critters discomfort can be difficult.